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Day Nurseries


The operation of the OAED Day Nurseries aims to contribute to the work currently done in the field of preschool education, by covering, as far as possible, the needs of the OEE (Workers’ Fund Organization) beneficiaries. Additionally, it aims to enhance women’s wider involvement in the Greek financial and social life.

In 1984, the Workers’ Fund Organization (OEE) launched an ambitious programme for the establishment, organization and operation of Day Nurseries. Today, twenty-five (25) model Day Nurseries are in operation, with a building capacity of 2,060 places for babies and infants. Taking the current number of personnel into consideration, the Day Nurseries can cater for an average number of 1,300 babies and infants.

Of the total number of OAED Day Nurseries, nine (9) Day Nurseries operate within the Prefecture of Attica, and sixteen (16) in large towns and cities – mainly in municipalities with a large percentage of workers. More specifically:

Attica Day Nurseries operate in the municipalities of Aghia Barbara, Aspropyrgos, Ano Liossia, Eleusis, Keratsini, Moschato, Peristeri, Menidi and the Olympic Village.

Regional Day Nurseries operate in the cities/towns of Agrinio, Arta, Drama, Igoumenitsa, Ioannina, Kalamata, Karpenissi, Komotini, Missolonghi, Naoussa, Xanthi, Patras, Pylea (Thessalοniki), Serres, Trikala, and Larissa.

The OAED Day Nurseries operate in privately-owend buildings of the Organization (with the exception of those in Aspropyrgos and Kalamata). They comply with all modern safety, health, and functionality specifications concerning preschool education facilities. Their technical infrastructure is consistent with all modern educational standards and successfully supports the pedagogical programmes and activities carried out within the premises.

The OAED Day Nurseries cater for babies of eight (8) months to 2.5 years of age, as well as infants of at least 2.5 years of age until their enrollment in the Kindergarten. Their parents must be OEE beneficiaries. The selection criteria, which are determined by a relevant decision of the Administrative Board, are both social (children of large families, orphans, children of single-parent families, children of disabled persons etc.) and financial (with priority given to children of low-income parents).

Regarding the operation of the OAED Day Nurseries, the following features are also noteworthy:

• Personnel that is specialized in all relevant fields.

• Modern building facilities and technical infrastructure.

• Pedagogical planning according to modern educational standards.

• Pilot educational programmes (educational walks, action plans focusing on intercultural education, laboratory cycles etc.).

• Further training of the personnel (seminars, further self-training and inter-training programmes, further training programme for directors etc.).

• Regular information provision to parents through meetings and specific actions undertaken in cooperation with them.

• The OAED Day Nurseries operate from 6.45 a.m. to 16.00 p.m. They do not operate in August, between 24 December and 6 January, and between Holy Thursday and the first Sunday after Easter Sunday.

• Catering for the babies and infants is free of charge (for the OEE beneficiaries). The OAED Day Nurseries provide the necessary quality and quantity of food (breakfast and lunch on a daily basis) to all their babies and infants. The food is produced at the Nurseries’ premises; in case this is not possible, the food is produced by a food production company (following a relevant competition). In accordance with Act of the Council of Ministers No. 7/28.2.2012, articles 2 & 3 (Government Gazette Issue 39 No. Α/29.2.2012) regarding the regulation of issues related to the implementation of §6 of article 1 of Law No. 4046/2012 and Act of the Council of Ministers No. 9/8.3.2012 (Government Gazette Issue 49/Νο. Α/9.3.2012), the Workers’ Housing Organization and the Workers’ Fund Organization were abolished, and their fields of competence were transferred to the OAED.

Finally, according to the OAED’s Administrative Board Decision No. 860/11/20.3.2012, the field of competence of the Workers’ Fund Organization Day Nurseries was assigned to the OAED Directorate of Initial Vocational Education and Training.

• Announcement of the Final Tables of the Babies and Infants Selected for the OAED Day Nurseries for the 2012-2013 school year

• Announcement of the points-based baby and infant selection results for the OAED Day Nurseries for the 2012-2013 school year.

Useful information about the OAED Day Nurseries can be found in the respective subsection of our website’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.