Manpower Employment Organization

Sickness Benefits in Kind for the Aged Long-Term Unemployed (Article 10, Law No. 2434/1996)

 Long-term unemployed citizens aged over 55 years, following a relevant application submitted to the local IKA office in their place of residence, are covered for sickness benefits in kind, provided that, at any time, they have completed at least three thousand (3,000) daily wages in the IKA sickness insurance scheme. 

The aforementioned insurance coverage starts on the date they have submitted their insurance application and ends when they have received their old-age pension from any social security institution. Moreover, long-term unemployed people aged over 55 who have completed the number of daily wages legally required by the relevant social security institution for the provision of the minimum old-age pension (4,500 daily wages), are covered by IKA for sickness benefits in kind.
In both cases, the unemployed are required to have registered with OAED for twelve consecutive months before their IKA insurance application is submitted and a relevant certificate is issued by the respective social security institution.