Manpower Employment Organization

Supplementary Maternity Allowances



The allowance is payable to mothers who are insured with IKA-ETAM and who work under a private-law employment relationship (namely mothers who have the status of an employed person). It is payable to women who are still working at the beginning of their pregnancy leave, after labour, and provided that IKA has granted them the allowance for abstention from work due to pregnancy and confinement.

The maternity allowance is equal to the difference resulting if the IKA allowance is deducted from the wages paid by the Employer over the same time period. The deadline for the relevant application is three months after the IKA payment date.

•    Receipt of the IKA pregnancy and confinement allowances.
•    Active employment relationship at the beginning of the period the beneficiary abstains from work due to pregnancy or confinement.


1.    IKA health booklet.
2.    Employers certificate.
3.    ΙΚΑ certificate concerning the duration of the allowance, the daily allowance amount, and the total amount paid for pregnancy and confinement allowances.
4. National Bank of Greece account number (ΙΒΑΝ) belonging to the beneficiary, in which the applicant must appear as the first beneficiary.    


•    Law No. 549/1977
•    Presidential Decree No. 776/77
•    Presidential Decree No. 221/97