Manpower Employment Organization

Special Allowance for Maternity Protection



Article 142 of Law No. 3655/08 (Government Gazette issue 58 Α/3-4-2008) approved of the granting of a special maternity protection leave of up to six (6) months.
The beneficiaries of this special leave are mothers who are insured with ΙΚΑΕΤΑΜ and work in private-sector enterprises or undertakings, as specified in Article 36 of Law No. 3996/2011, under a fixed-term or indefinite-duration employment contract, either on a full- or part-time basis. 
This leave is granted by the employer after the end of the pregnancy or confinement leave, or the leave equivalent to part-time work, as provided for in Article 9 of the General Collective Labour Agreement (EGSEE) for the years 2004-2005.
The insured mother, following an irrevocable application, can make use of this leave either in part or in its entirety. Moreover, she can stop this special leave after she has obtained her employer’s written agreement. In any event, the remaining part of the leave is not transferable to another period.
During the special maternity protection leave, the OAED grants mothers a special maternity protection allowance, in accordance with Chapter II of Ministerial Decision No. 33891/606/08, issued under the aforementioned law.


The agency responsible for paying this special allowance is the Local Service or the local PES (KPA2) in the beneficiary’s place of residence.
The head of the aforementioned OAED service is officially responsible for granting the relevant entitlement.


Α) The insured woman must be in active employment at the time her maternity leave commences.

Β) She must also have received maternity allowances from ΙΚΑ-ΕΤΑΜ or from the Special Hotel Employees Fund.


The beneficiary, either in person or by representative, submits her application to the relevant OAED service, within a period of 60 days after the end of the maternity leave (labour and confinement), or the leave equivalent to part-time work or, finally, her annual leave.


I) An employers certificate clearly indicating the active employment relationship existing at the commencement of the maternity leave, the type, form and duration of the beneficiary’s employment relationship, her monthly salary, the average number of her part-time work hours, hiring date and, for fixed-term employment contracts, the expiry date, the number of annual leave days that may have been granted after the confinement leave or the leave equivalent to part-time work, as well as the beneficiary’s supplementary insurance body, and the amounts of employer’s and employee’s social insurance contributions.
II) A copy of the maternity allowance (pregnancy – confinement) certificate issued by ΙΚΑ-ΕΤΑΜ or the Special Hotel Workers’ Fund.
III) Solemn declaration in which the beneficiary commits herself to notify the relevant OAED service within 8 days about any change in her employment relationship, and she also states her IKA registration number and her VAT number.
IV) National Bank of Greece account number (ΙΒΑΝ), in which she must appear as the first beneficiary.


OAED has to pay to the working mother an annual amount equal to the minimum wage, as determined each time in the National General Collective Labour Agreement (EGSEE), as well as the equivalent percentages of Christmas, Easter, and vacation bonuses, as these are determined on the basis of the aforementioned amount.
In case the beneficiary works for up to 4 hours per day or up to 13 days per month on average during the six months before her pregnancy leave, the amount paid equals half the aforementioned amount.
The period of the special maternity leave is regarded as insurance time in the pension and sickness sector of IKA-ETAM, as well as in the supplementary insurance sector. Moreover, the insurance contributions provided for are calculated on the basis of the amount referred to each time, from which OAED deducts the insured woman’s contribution and pays it to ΙΚΑ-ΕΤΑΜ and to the respective supplementary insurance fund, along with the employer’s contribution payable by the Organization.

The allowance is stopped when:
Α) the beneficiary is hired by a new employer;
Β) the beneficiary submits an application for this purpose.



•    Article 142 Law No. 3655/2008
•    Ministerial Decision No. 33891/606/2008
•    Article 36 Law No. 3996/2011.