Manpower Employment Organization

Sickness Benefits in Kind for Unemployed Persons Aged 29 to 55 Years (§4, Article 5, Law No. 2768/1999).


Unemployed persons aged 29 to 55, following a relevant application submitted to the social security institution they were insured with before their employment was terminated, are covered by this institution for sickness benefits in kind for a period of up to two (2) years. If they have been insured with more than one social security institutions, they will covered by the one they have been insured with for the longest period of time.
When they submit their programme admission application, these unemployed persons must also submit an OAED certificate clearly stating that they have been registered as unemployed with OAED for a period of at least twelve consecutive months before their insurance application submission, that they are still unemployed and, moreover, that they are holders of an unemployment card which is renewable on a monthly basis.
Furthermore, they must submit a certificate of the insurance institution concerned, clearly stating: a) that they have completed, within the insurance framework of any social security institution, six hundred (600) working days, to be increased by one hundred (100) days per year on completion of thirty (30) to fifty four (54) years of age, and (b) that they are not insured for any reason with a social security or public sector institution.