Manpower Employment Organization

Delivery of Healthcare for Unemployed Persons Aged up to 29 Years (Article 18, Law No. 2639/1998).


Unemployed youths aged up to 29 years come under the ΙΚΑ insurance scheme for sickness benefits in kind, after they have submitted a relevant application to the local ΙΚΑ office in their place of residence.
When they submit their programme inclusion application, these unemployed persons must also submit an OAED certificate stating that they have been registered with the OAED as unemployed for a period of at least two months, that they are still unemployed and, moreover, that they are holders of an unemployment card which is renewable on a monthly basis. Additionally, they must be uninsured, they must not be students and, as soon as they enter employment, they must officially state it to the local IKA office in their place of residence.
The health booklet issued is valid for a six-month period and is renewable on condition that a new OAED certificate is submitted, stating that they are still unemployed.