Manpower Employment Organization

Optional Insurance of Long-Term Unemployed Persons for Old-age Pension Entitlement (Article 10, Law No. 2874/00)


Benefit description
The unemployed persons who are entitled to the optional insurance programme, following a relevant application submitted to the local IKA-ETAM office in their place residence,

i) must have completed, in the case of men, 60 years of age and, in the case of women, 55 years (regarding the insured workers in “heavy and unhealthy” occupations, the age limits are 55 and 50 years, respectively), which is to be certified by their police identity card or passport;

ii) must be registered with OAED as unemployed; must be holders of an unemployment card for at least twelve (12) months before their application submission; must be still unemployed and holders of an unemployment card which is renewed on a monthly basis.

iii) the remaining number of daily wages, for the fulfillment of the respective minimum qualification requirements for full pension of IKA and the respective supplementary social security institutions is not higher than 1,500, as stated in a relevant certificate issued by the respective social security institutions.