Manpower Employment Organization

Payment of Wages for an Additional Annual 30-Day Leave to Pupils and Students who are Absent from Work in order to Take Part in School Examinations (Article 2, Law No. 1346/83, Joint Ministerial Decision 31930 /14-7-1983, Joint Ministerial Decision 33894


Working pupils or students, apart from their annual paid vacation days, are entitled to 30 additional working days of unpaid leave per year (for which, therefore, no social insurance stamps are provided) in order to take part in the examinations of the educational institution they attend. Postgraduate students are entitled to an annual 10-day leave.
OAED subsidizes pupils and students attending state or state-supervised educational institutes of any type or tier (State ΙΕΚ, OAED Apprenticeship–EPAS) who are employed in private enterprises or those which, on the basis of relevant legislation, are no longer public ones (Public Power Corporation/DEI, Hellenic Telecommunications Organization/ΟΤΕ, Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company/EYDAP, Organization of Football Prognostics/OPAP, banks, etc.), in order to take part in their school exams, by granting them an amount that is equal to the unskilled labourer’s minimum wage, as determined each time by the National Collective Labour Agreement (for up to 30 days).
The pupils or students can submit to the local PES (having jurisdiction over their company) all the relevant supporting documents, such as the employer’s certificate stating the number of leave days s/he provides them with, their personal insurance account proving that they have received no insurance stamps over the period they made use of the leave given to them him/her by the employer, and the relevant certificates from their school stating that they took part in exams and on which specific dates, until March of the year following the unpaid leave.