Manpower Employment Organization

Historical Evolution

The first Employment Offices established in September 1922 were the forerunners of OAED. However, neither were these governed by a legislative operating framework nor did they have any guaranteed resources.
In 1955, the Organization of Employment and Unemployment Insurance (OAAA) was founded by Legislative Decree 2961/54 as a legal entity of public law subject to the Ministry of Labour.
In 1969, with Legislative Decree 212/69, OAAA was replaced by the newly founded Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED). Within this new organization, there were new Employment Offices operating according to standards that were quite innovative for the time (Royal Decree 405/18.06.71).
In 1966, Law 2434/96 defined OAED as the National Employment Entity and established the tripartite character of its Administrative Board’s composition (government and social partners).
It was in 2001 that OAED took its contemporary form (Law 2956/2001) and established its local Employment Promotion Centres (KPA) as new and innovative Employment Services that replaced the former Placement Offices.  
In 2003, following operating principles similar to those applied in the private sector economy, the Special KPA Service was established with the aim of coordinating the organization and operation of the local PES/KPA (Law 3144/2003).
In 2006, the KPA were renamed KPA2 (Law 3518/2006) and evolved into one-stop-shops (focusing on employment to promotion and benefit policies).
Moreover, within the context of managing, monitoring and implementing development programmes funded by the NSRF for the period 2007-2013, the relevant OAED Services have been certified according to the International Standard ISO 9001:2008.
In 2011, the Special KPA Service was replaced by the Directorate for the Coordination and Development of the Employment Service Network in the context of the KPA2 becoming one-stop-shops (Law 3996/2011).