Manpower Employment Organization

General Questions from Enterprises-Employers (Eligible Claimants)

My enterprise wishes to participate in an OAED employment programme. Where can I find information about the current programmes it can participate in?

How can I be informed about which local PES (ΚPΑ2) has jurisdiction over my enterprise so that I can apply for an OAED programme?

Which enterprises can participate in prοgrammes implemented by OAED?

What does OAED subsidize in an enterprise?

What will the consequences be if a person I have employed leaves the job?

What will the consequences be if a member of the pre-existing personnel leaves the job?

Is it possible for an enterprise to hire an unemployed person whose unemployment card has been issued by a local PES (ΚΡΑ2) other than the one where the enterprise applied for a programme?

An enterprise with several branches wishes to participate in an OAED programme. Which PES should it contact?

OAED subsidizes enterprises for full-time or part-time employment?

Can an enterprise that already participates in an OAED programme also participate in another OAED programme?