Manpower Employment Organization

Specific Questions from Enterprises-Employers (Beneficiaries)

In case of closure of an enterprise already participating in a programme, what will the consequences be?

If an enterprise participating in an OAED programme is transferred or merged with another, can it keep on being subsidized under its new legal status?

Can the heirs of an enterprise that participates in an OAED programme keep on being subsidized?

Is there a specific time limit within which the enterprise must replace the person who left his/her job or was dismissed (and who belonged either to the subsidized or the “engaged” personnel)?

Is there a specific procedure to be followed by the enterprise in replacing a person for which it is subsidized, or, alternatively, can it recruit any other person as long as s/he has a valid unemployment card?

What are the legal provisions for the replacement of a member of the “engaged” personnel?

A female employee for whom the enterprise is subsidized is pregnant, on confinement leave, or makes use of her six-month maternity leave. Will there be any consequences for the enterprise’s participation in the OAED programme this woman participates in? Do the same provisions apply in case this woman is a member of the “engaged” non-subsidized personnel?

Can an enterprise participating in a programme of social insurance contribution subsidization be subsidized for its entire personnel?

Are work practice and work experience periods considered to be forms of employment?

Is the departure of individuals whose work practice or work experience contracts have expired considered to be a form of personnel reduction in the enterprise?

An enterprise participating in an OAED employment programme is planning, because of the current financial crisis, to change the employment status of its personnel. Will these changes affect in any way the participation of the enterprise in the programme?