Manpower Employment Organization

Questions about LAEK (Special Fund for Employment and Vocational Training)


  • How can an enterprise register in the LAEK Information System?
  • How can an Employer Representation Body register in the LAEK 1-25 Information System?
  • How can an enterprise change its password?
  • How can I submit a programme?
  • How can I insert absences into a submitted programme?
  • Why do my programmes not appear in my payment electronic application?
  • I have not carried out the payment procedure for the previous year. What can I do now?
  • The LAEK Information System webpage does not open or does not function properly. Neither the Save option nor the Programme Submission option appear. My data or my changes in a submitted programme cannot be saved. The absence insertion option cannot be opened, nor is it possible to insert absences in a programme.
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