Manpower Employment Organization

Structural Adjustment

Can a company pay itself all the expenses of an approved programme and apply for payment without having received the 1st and 2nd installments and without having submitted a letter of guarantee?

Once a company has completed 60% of the physical subject, is it possible for it to apply for the payment of the 1st and 2nd installments by submitting, at the given moment, a letter of guarantee amounting to 40% of the approved budget?

If an enterprise that has been approved within the framework of the programme wishes to change its counsellor or the KEK it cooperates with, what exactly must it do?

Can theory classes be realised during working hours? If so, is the training allowance to be received by the employer or the trainees?

As regards the obligation of the company about the personnel, is there any particular commitment concerning the maintenance of the personnel declared when the company’s application is submitted after the project has been approved? If so, how long does this commitment last? In case the employee departs voluntarily, what will the consequences be for the company?

Can an enterprise that has been included in the “Structural Adjustment Programme for Employees and Enterprises within the financial crisis” and is interested in submitting a participation application in the OAED “Modified Programme for supporting 200,000 full-time jobs by subsidizing the employers’ contributions, aiming to preserve at least 400,000 jobs in enterprises and, more generally, private sector employers”, participate in the programme in question and how high will the relevant budget be?

Are there any provisions regarding modifications in the programme? In other words, can an enterprise include a further training programme during the implementation phase of the project, which it was not necessary for it to include on the date of its application submission, in replacement of others?

Which 5.1.2. expenses include the trainees’ hourly wage costs for the work practice hours realised during working hours and within the company’s premises: Trainee costs or Company costs?

Is it possible for trainees to transfer between ongoing training programmes, without this causing any change in the total number of trainees?

Are all educators to come from the EKEPIS “Register B of Accredited Adult Educators”?

Is it allowed to change the programmes’ place of implementation while the programmes are still being implemented? If so, what is the process to be followed by the company?

In the contract signed by the companies and the OAED, the 30th of September 2012 is mentioned as the act termination date. Does this date refer to the accomplishment of both the physical and financial object? Or does it only refer to the accomplishment of the physical object?